Dachshund Pronunciation: Dak sund (click to hear the correct pronunciation)
My Code Of Ethics

  *I am a breeder dedicated to the dachshund breed, I want everyone to know that when I breed my dogs it is done with what would be best for them and for the puppies to come, knowing that they will be of top quality,  and will be placed in loving and caring homes.
  * I have been breeding miniature dachshunds since 1993 and not one of my dogs or their puppies have ever had back problems other then those being over weight.   I have heard that it can be hereditary too, but I have found that it is in the dachshunds that are EXTREMELY  long,  in what I like to call freight train dachshunds your average dachshund will not have problems if cared for correctly, and will live a long and happy life, most live to be 14 to 16 years of age, others have lived well into their 20's.

  *I want to take this moment to help educate any new buyers weather you buy from me or someone else, this will explain why I don't breed for certain  patterns.

  *I do not breed dapples to dapples because of the risk of the puppies being born with the Lethal White Dbl.Dapple gene,  puppies with this condition can be born blind, deaf, no ears, no eyes, or worse.  (read more about this on our dachshund information page).

  *I do not breed for blue or isabella colors do to the high risk of CDA, which is a skin condition where there is no cure and the dogs suffer a life of open sores filled with pus, and crusty scabby skin. (read more about this on our dachshund information page). 

  *I do not in-breed my dog. We do on occasion line-breed (yes there is a difference between line breeding and in breeding)
  *I will not knowingly sale my puppies to puppy mills, pet shops, or brokers. we want our puppies going to only loving caring homes to be  a part of their family.

  *My goal is to breed dachshunds true to the breed standard, in conformation, true in size, color, and pattern, with stable temperament, for loving homes, as pets. 
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Code Of Ethics
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