You can place a deposit on a puppy of your choice, but keep in mind that our deposits are NON- Refundable !!! and Non-Transferable!!! (unless the puppy has died, or has fallen ill while still in our care.)  Our Deposit Amounts are half the purchase price, unless other arrangements have been made.  We Do Not Hold Puppies without a deposit on them, we do allow you 4 days to get the deposit to us, during which time your puppy will be placed as pending,  and will be available for Sale again on Day 5 if the deposit has not been received by us.  Puppy's must be paid for in full on or before the puppy is 8 weeks of age, this includes delivery fees if needed.  All puppy's not picked up by ten (10) weeks of age, will be charged a boarding fees of $10.00 per day, Unless special arrangements have been made.
Our Adult Dogs for sale must be paid for in full unless other arrangements have been made.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept personal checks!!  We will no longer accept Paypal payments, No exceptions!!   Ask us about what forms of payments we do accept. 

All of our puppies come with their age appropriate puppy shots and de-worming's.
Click the button below to view our Sale's agreement contract, do NOT download, you will be asked to fill this out when your puppy is picked up in person.  
The Deposit contract is to be viewed, downloaded, filled out, and signed, then sent with your Deposit to the address on the contract under where I, the Breeder, would sign:

When sending Deposit please download 1 copy of the deposit contract, fill out the contract, sign it, and send it along with your Deposit.   Puppies will not be marked as on hold until the deposit contract is signed and returned to us, no exceptions!! 

Registration Options:
Pet only:  This means you will not get any type of registration papers with the purchase of this puppy/dog,  and that this puppy/dog will need to be neutered or spayed at the buyer expense.  Buyer is required to send us a neuter/spay certificate from the buyers veterinarian.

Full AKC:  This means you WILL receive Full AKC registration on your puppy/dog, That means you WILL have full breeding and showing right for this puppy/dog,  As well as it's offspring.  This puppy/dog will NOT need to be neutered or spayed.

NoteI will no longer be ordering AKC papers on puppies being placed as pets..therefore you will not be able to change your mind and get registration papers at a later date.  
Please Read The Following!!
We Offer Ground Delivery
All delivery charges will be paid for in advance prior to delivery.  
Delivery to the following States and cities, for the following fee, cover my gas only! they do not cover my time. These rates are based on .45 cents a mile round trip. (Elko NV, to one of the destinations listed below, then back to Elko Nevada) If I will need a hotel then the buyer will be required to pay the $60.00 hotel fee, on top of the delivery charges listed.  We reserve the right to decide not to deliver to the locations listed, as time and life itself may get in the way of allowing us time to deliver.   These delivery options are subject to change if fuel continues to raise !!

Battle Mountain: 141 miles =$64.00
Wells: 99.6 miles =         $45.00
Jackpot: 234 miles =$105.00
Winnemucca: 248 miles =     $112.00
Wendover: 216 miles =   $95.00
Ely: 373 miles    $165.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Lovelock: 392 miles =                                   $175.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Fernley: 510 miles =                                      $229.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Reno/Sparks: 578 miles =     $260.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)

Wendover: 218 miles =   $95.00
Tooele: 436 miles =   $195.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Lake Point: 414 miles =   $186.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Salt Lake City: 460 miles =    $207.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Bountiful: 602 miles =      $270.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)

Twin Falls: 330 miles =   $150.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)
Boise: 588 miles =    $265.00 (plus $60.00 hotel fee will be required)

All charges will be paid in full, in advance prior to me driving to your destination and must be paid either by mailing me a postal money order, a Wal-mart money order, or a Wal-Mart money gram, once I have received this we will set a date and time to meet. I am easy to work with on delivery date as I do not work outside the home, but delivery may have to be coordinated with others so that only one trip is needed.
We no longer ship "pet" puppies
we will however ship puppies being placed on Full AKC registration,to other breeders or show homes only!! Shipping costs will be discussed on a one on one basis.
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Pet Only Contract 
(*note to be filled out in person upon sale) This is a Spay/Neuter contract. click here to view >>>
Full AKC Contract
(*note this is to be filled out in person upon sale, This is a Full Breeding and Showing contract)
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Puppy/dog Deposit contract (*note must be filled out and sent with Deposit) click here to download or view>>>
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Please do not adjust the margins of our contracts, most printer have no problem printing where the margins are set, so please they are set this way to keep the document all on one page!!  Adjusted contracts will not be accepted! 
we now offer a  2 yr health guarantee against fatal or severe life-altering genetic defect.
We have also extented our spay/neuter requirement to be done by 9 months of age.