Melody and Muffit Playing Dress Up in doll clothes, we think this picture was taken in 1976. Muffit belonged to my friend Barbara.
Melody - we think this picture was taken in 1979, note even her paws were turning white with age.
Dec 25th. 1987 to November 2001
(she lived to be 14 years old)
Baby Holly with Ryan Picture taken in 1988.
Baby Holly with Ryan & Wade
Picture taken in 1988.
Holly with Wade & Ryan
Taken in 1988.
"I want to take a Bath too"
Holly with WadeTaken
in 1989.
Holly in 1989
Holly with Tyler
Taken in 1995.
Holly with Tyler
Taken in 1996.
Melody was truelly apart of the family, I was a year old when my parents gave her to us as a christmas gift, when I think of my childhood I think of her, she was alway with us, she went on every family vacation, and when my parents would say I was the baby of the family I would say no I'm not, Melody is.  She will never be forgotten, we love you Melody and still Miss you so much.
Holly just like Melody was truelly apart of the family, she went on every family vacation, She was the most loyal companion, to all of us,  when I hurt my back at home and my son called 911, she knew I was hurt and would not let the peramedics near me, Wade had to lock her in his room so that I could get the help I needed, But to Holly's tribute she didn't know these men and she was willing to lay down her life to protect me.  Holly has been there every minute, watching over and protecting all three of my boy's, when they think back on their childhood they will most likely have fond memories of her.  She will never be forgotten either, we love you Holly and still Miss you so much.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Melody with me holding her shortly after we got her, she is still a puppy taken in Jan.1965
We think these two pictures  were taken on Easter 1967
Camping 1968, Melody went everywhere with us
When we went Boating we had to put a life vest on Melody too, or she would jump in the water without one just to be with us.  Funny little doggy! This picture was taken we think in summer 1971
Melody with My mom. Melody is starting to show her age, cute little white face. Picture taken we think in Summer 1973
1964 to 1981
(she lived to be 17 years old)
There have been many others that have touched our lives and that we had the pleasure of letting them own us,
We miss all of  them and were blessed to have them in our lives.
Nov 11, 1996 to March 20, 2014
She lived 18 years
Baby Nikki Dec 1996
Nikki March 1997
Nikki March 2000
Nikki in 2002
Nikki in 2013- she is turning white with age, she is 17 yrs old in this picture
Missing is the pictures between 2002 to 2012 due to our computer crash, we lost all our pictures and files, we now back up everything.  so many special times were lost.
Danny Boy was our main man 1998 to 2000
Our 1st Gracie
2000 to 2003
This is  Bud, although she was not a Dachshund, she thought she was, we didn't have the heart to tell her she wasn't.  Bud is now residing at rainbow bridge, we miss her dearly.  Bud spent 13 good years with us.
the one's that started Diamond Dachshunds breeding, Some have passed on to rainbow bridge, while others have gone to new homes, no matter how long they touched our hearts they were all loved.
This picture was taken 3/1/ 2000 of Tyler my Son watching TV with the dogs, Nikki, Katie, Scooter, And Chance.  all have moved on to rainbow bridge, including my wonderful son.
Tyler with Kandi, who is now living in WA with the Carpenter family
Has gone to live the
good life with Brenda in VA.                      
Has gone to live with the good life with Teresa K.
Gracie was taken from us way to soon, she was attacked by an owl, and after complication after surgery she went to rainbow bridge, We will miss her dearly Gracie died Nov. 1 2009
Splash went to live the good life in Pahrump Nevada, she is spending her retirement on a lap of love, thanks Naomie for giving Splash such a wonderful home.
Oreo(blk/tan piebald) went to live the good life in Idaho, she is spending her retirement on a lap of love, thanks Bonnie B. for giving Oreo such a wonderful home.
Tori was taken from us way to soon, she  went to rainbow bridge on
March 11, 2011
We will miss her dearly

From left to right: Katie, Chance, Scooter, and Nikki
Picture was taken on: 3-7-2000
Katie, Chance, and Scooter have gone to rainbow bridge
Destiny past away from complications during delivery of her puppies on Sept. 8th 2011
We will miss her dearly, she was pregnant in this picture with that litter of puppies

Past away from a blood-clot to the lung a complication that happened 7 days after her puppies were born, she died Nov 9th, 2011 we will miss the deeply
Past away from complication of having puppies, when her puppies were only 4 day's old, rest in peace my sweet sweet angel 9-23-10 to 7-12-12
Past away on Aug 17, 2012 from complications of pregnancy.
she died before her puppies were born.
Clear Red - Smooth

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Nikki & Katie
retired and went to live with her daughter in Canada

R.I.P.  Passed away 5/13/2016