Thanks for stopping by Diamond Dachshunds, this is our family running in what is left of our yard, loll.  You put that many Dachshunds on your lawn day after day, pretty soon you have no lawn left, but it is okay with us because we believe they need time to be dogs; to run, to hunt, and yes to dig.
look we can follow the leader
I said stay there
Hey what did you find?
What is that?
Yep guys it's just the horses
shush It's a secret
Hey wait for me
Did someone say treats?
Yippy I win
It is mine!
Hey don't fight, there is more over here
I think it is in there and I'm agonna get it
Hayzee showin' off her creamy stripes
humm....Looks like horses to me
what's that smell?
hey guys, smell this!!
Just a Green Froggy Toy
It Smell's yucky
It is mine!
It is mine!
Welcomes You To Our
Weiners On The Run
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I'm teaching her to roll over
I got it
No!! I got it
You can't catch me!! I'm the fastest gal in town
Wait for me